Making a statement with custom stationary

On October 18, 2009, Steve and I will be photographing the wedding of Jamie Greenberg and Dave Arlin. Jamie is a graphic designer and owns her own business. She gave me a few samples of her work and I am happy to photograph and showcase them here on my blog. She has designed all of her and Dave’s wedding stationary, including the save-the-date cards, rehearsal dinner invitations and thank-you notes for her bridesmaids. You can see photos of theses below. There are also two other examples of thank-you notes for bridesmaids. I’m looking forward to seeing the invitation and other stationary she’s created for her big day. I love the idea of tying together your wedding and corresponding events with a common thread that continues throughout each piece of correspondence.

During her engagement photo session, she told me about the swans she chose to use as a main design feature in her and Dave’s wedding stationary. My mind immediately when to the 80s-era swan “art” that I saw displayed in a friend’s home when I was a kid. I couldn’t imagine how one could make swans into something chic. But Jamie did – and it’s fabulous! It’s not at all cheesy, like the swans of my youth, but is instead art deco – and like nothing I’ve ever seen. Nothing cheesy about it!

I remember looking and looking for the perfect wedding invitations for our wedding 8 years ago. I settled on something that I was reasonably happy with (had swans on it, now that I think back). But I wonder what I might have ended up with had I described my ideas to a graphic artist.

I have so enjoyed working with Jamie so far, and I’m sure you will, too. Take a look at her fabulous website – including the pet stationary. And enjoy the photos of her work shown below.

Can’t wait until the big day, Jamie!

Stationary copyright Jamie Lynn Designs. Photos copyright Warmowski Photography. Save-the-date cards, rehearsal dinner invitations and 3 variations of thank-you cards for the bridesmaids.