Weathering the weather

Two weddings that we have photographed recently have had rain. The skies opened up on both Kelsey & Josh’s day (27 June 2010) as well as on Nicole & Chris (24 July 2010).

Although we had outdoor photos planned, the rain did not dampen the spirits of these newlyweds – or their bridal parties. And in both cases, the limo drivers provided exceptional service.

Kelsey & Josh’s wedding had rain following the ceremony, but were treated with a rainbow later in the day.

Kelsey & Josh pose in front of one of the church windows, showing the dark clouds coming their way. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**

Executive Transportation's Jeff Hardwick is ready with multiple umbrellas to help the bride, groom and bridal party into and out of the vehicle. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
Kelsey and Josh received help from Executive Transportation's Jeff Hardwick as well as Leevia Hamilton when they arrived to Hamilton's for their reception. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
We noticed at the beginning of the reception that there was a rainbow outside. So, during a lull in the action, we asked Kelsey & Josh to step outside for a photo under the rainbow. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
**Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
We got out of the vehicle in Nichols' Park in Jacksonville and got a few photos of Nicole and Chris before the rain started coming down. And, it REALLY came down. For about 45 minutes! **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
Nicole heads to the pavilion porch, where the bride, groom and their bridal party (and photographers!) stayed for about 45 minutes while the storm rolled through. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
Chris & Nicole wait under the pavilion porch while the rain pours down. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
Limo driver Jason Malek of 1 Up'n Promotions, of Springfield, went well beyond his job description by making sure the bridal party did not go thirsty during their wait on the porch, even if it meant he got SOAKED. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
The sun came back out after the storm rolled through. Here the bridal party stops at the Hampton Inn before heading to the reception at Hamilton's 110 North East. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**

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Tiffany & Steve Warmowski photograph weddings in Jacksonville, Springfield and elsewhere in Illinois, as well as throughout the world – in any weather.

Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church, Hamilton’s 110 North East, Ashley’s Petals & Angels, Executive Transportation, Jacksonville, 1 UP’n Promotions, Springfield

Daddies giving away their daughters

There were some really nice moments between Kelsey and her dad, Andy, during Kelsey & Josh’s wedding day.  I love that Andy wasn’t afraid or ashamed to show his emotions.

Kelsey came into the sanctuary prior to the ceremony for some portraits. That is where her father saw her for the first time in her wedding dress. ** Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
*Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
Kelsey & her dad, Andy, in the basement of Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church before walking down the aisle. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
Andy gives his daughter a hug before giving her hand to Josh at the beginning of the ceremony uniting Kelsey & Josh. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
At the end of the father/daughter dance, Andy swept his daughter off her feet. Andy gives his daughter a hug before giving her hand to Josh at the beginning of the ceremony uniting Kelsey & Josh. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**

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Congrats to Kelsey & Josh!

Kelsey Mason & Josh Hoyt tied the knot June 27, 2010, in a beautiful ceremony at Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church in Jacksonville. The reception was at Hamilton’s 110 North East in Jacksonville.

Here’s a couple of the many notable things from their fantastic day:

Kelsey was in comfort her whole day with sparkly ballet-like slippers. Her Man-of-Honor, Ben, wore shoes to match his suit, her ladies wore silver and her personal assistant, Casey, wore black. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
Kelsey & Josh greeted their parents during their ceremony. Here, Josh and Kelsey's mom, Delores, share a special moment. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
Kelsey's parents, Andy & Delores, kept a bottle of sparkling wine from their wedding in 1985. They opened it and shared it with the newlyweds. Now THAT'S thinking ahead! **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
Kelsey & Josh raise their glasses, filled with Kelsey's parents' sparkling wine, after Kelsey's dad's toast. **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**
Kelsey's Man of Honor, Ben Hale, loves taking photographs. Here's a photo of Ben taking a photo of Steve! **Photos Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010**

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Ken Norton Birthday Bash

Ken Norton gets birthday gift painting of his mother
Boxing legend Ken Norton Sr. breaks down after receiving a painting of his mother during a birthday bash to benefit Pathway in Jacksonville. (photo by Steve/Warmowski Photography)

In addition to weddings, Warmowski Photography provides event photography, and on Friday 23 July Steve covered the Ken Norton Birthday Bash for Pathway Services Unlimited. Pathway is one of the social agencies in Jacksonville facing a budget gap due to delays in state funding, and we donated our services to help with the fundraiser.

Jacksonville native Ken Norton Sr. is probably best known for defeating Muhammad Ali in 1973. The boxer still makes it back to Jacksonville to make appearances, and this trip was anchored by an early birthday party to raise money for Pathway. (It wasn’t really his birthday, but it was Steve’s.) He brought a cadre of stars, musicians and sports greats into town for the celebration at Hamilton’s 110 North East.

Steve covered special events for sponsors in the VIP room, the celebration and the entertainment. In the photo above Ken Norton breaks down after receiving a painting by Mario A.C. Della Casa, depicting Ken with his deceased mother. Two of the artist’s paintings were auctioned off later in the evening for $2,000.

Ken Norton Sr. (center) with Hollywood stars, sports greats and other friends at his birthday bash. (photo by Steve Warmowski)

Warmowski Photography was glad to help in the evening, and preserve memories for the sponsors and attendees of the event (if you had your photo taken with the champ, check out this gallery — all profits go to Pathway).

Ken Norton Sr.
Boxing great Ken Norton Sr. (photo by Steve)

Warmowski Photography, event photography in Jacksonville Illinois 62650. Follow us on Facebook. Posted by Steve.

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Announcing the 2010 Morgan County Fair Queen & Princess

2010 Morgan County Fair Queen crowned


Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 Morgan County Fair Pageant!

Kate Elizabeth Fox was crowned Queen and was also awarded Best Speech; Randi Leigh Huey won the People’s Choice Award and was named First Runner-up; and Nikki Leigh Phillips won Miss Congeniality, Best Interview and Second Runner-up.

Kate Fox gave a speech focusing on the importance of laughter, and commanded the stage with an air of confidence. We photographed Kate earlier this year as a senior maid in the Art Association of Jacksonville’s Beaux Arts Ball. Follow her on Facebook.

Grace Newman gets her 2010 Little Miss sash from 2009 Queen Alyssa Jackson during the Morgan County Fair Pageant Tuesday 6 July in Jacksonville.
Grace Newman gets her 2010 Little Miss sash from 2009 Queen Alyssa Jackson during the Morgan County Fair Pageant Tuesday 6 July in Jacksonville.

In the Little Miss contest, Grace Elizabeth Newman was named Princess; Camille Lauren Brown won First Runner-up; Taylor Renee Larsen won the People’s Choice Award and was named Second Runner-up; Ella Grace Stremming won Best Stage Presence; and Macy Danielle Hansen won Best Interview.

Grace accented her evening dress with a cast on her left arm. While playing tag with her little brother the week before the fair she tried to jump a ditch, but came up a bit short and shattered her elbow. Even after surgery to put in a plate and eight screws, she fought back to be on the 4th of July parade float and to compete in the pageant. Her mother Andrea (Kirkpatrick) Newman has a history with the Morgan County Pageant, winning Little Miss in 1983 and Queen in 1997.

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Posted by Steve. Warmowski Photography donated their services to the pageant committee, and awarded prizes to the winners. Tiffany & Steve Warmowski, top wedding and event photographers in Morgan County.

Glad to work the fair with some wedding day friends — Ashley’s Petals & Angels, Executive Transportation and On the Clip Side; Jacksonville Illinois 62650.

Tiffany goes back to England

Veil swoops as bride walks out of church
Carolyn Buckner & Daniel Vize emerge from church after their wedding in Buxton, Derbyshire, England in 2008. Photo by Steve/Warmowski Photography

I recently came home from England, after taking a trip to explore my family history with my mother, aunt and grandmother. We started in London and traveled south to Horsham, then west to Thatcham, Tilehurst (Reading) & environs to see places my ancestors roamed.

On the trip, I conducted a bit of business. Steve and I photographed the wedding of Carolyn & Daniel Vize in England January 2008. We met them at the wedding of our friends Sada & Jason Reed — we hit it off, and they quickly followed suit when we said we’d love to photograph their wedding. Following the wedding, we sent them their photos, but their computer crashed and they lost their images. We pulled their stuff out of our archive and copied everything onto a hard drive for me to deliver. It was a great excuse to reconnect with Carolyn’s mother in London, and Daniel’s parents in Buxton.

Bride & Groom walk near old opera house in Buxton, UK
Carolyn & Daniel Vize en route to the Old Hall Hotel in historic Buxton, United Kingdom. Photo by Steve

What else does a wedding photographer do while on vacation? Why, take photos of a wedding of course!

Bride walks down aisle
Checking out a wedding from the balcony. Photo by Tiffany

While in Thatcham, I (with Grandma, Mom and Aunt Dawn) went to the main church in town to find out when it was built and if perhaps our ancestors had worshipped or were buried there. It was a Saturday and when we arrived, a wedding was about to begin  – once the bride finally got there. We quickly learned that the bride was delayed because the car she was riding in broke down on the way to the church! She arrived in a “dirty car,” in the words of the vicar, but she arrived.

We were talking to church’s wedding coordinator while waiting for the ceremony to begin and she suggested I go up to the balcony and watch from up there when the bride arrived. I went up there with my camera and photographed the bride, her father and attendants walking down the aisle. I thought this was amusing because that is the exact place I go when Steve and I photograph weddings.

I have recently contacted the church in order to connect with the bride and groom so that I can e-mail them some photos. I didn’t meet the bride and groom, and they didn’t even know I was there or that I was taking photos. I hope to connect with them through the church and I wish them a long and happy marriage!

English telephone booth London
Tiffany with an English icon in London.

Posted by Tiffany. Warmowski Photography covers weddings in Illinois, but also offers destination wedding packages. Getting married in England? Why not bring your own photographer to cover the whole trip!