Life imitating art

I met Bailey at our first meeting with Meghan and Ryan. I could tell she was a very important part of their lives.

When I saw this little doodle was on Meghan & Ryan's church program, I knew we had to do a photo just like it!



Meghan & Ryan and their sweet dog, Bailey, outside their Chicago apartment following their wedding ceremony.

Congrats to Meghan & Ryan on their awesome wedding day Saturday, April 21, 2012. We were honored to have been chosen to document their day.

Warmowski Photography works to make your wedding photos reflect who you are. We travel to Chicago, England, Kansas and beyond! Whether your wedding is in your backyard or at a destination, we will photograph your day in a way that reflects you!

St. Ita Catholic Church, Chicago/The Park Grill, Millennium Park, Chicago

Making a statement with custom stationary

On October 18, 2009, Steve and I will be photographing the wedding of Jamie Greenberg and Dave Arlin. Jamie is a graphic designer and owns her own business. She gave me a few samples of her work and I am happy to photograph and showcase them here on my blog. She has designed all of her and Dave’s wedding stationary, including the save-the-date cards, rehearsal dinner invitations and thank-you notes for her bridesmaids. You can see photos of theses below. There are also two other examples of thank-you notes for bridesmaids. I’m looking forward to seeing the invitation and other stationary she’s created for her big day. I love the idea of tying together your wedding and corresponding events with a common thread that continues throughout each piece of correspondence.

During her engagement photo session, she told me about the swans she chose to use as a main design feature in her and Dave’s wedding stationary. My mind immediately when to the 80s-era swan “art” that I saw displayed in a friend’s home when I was a kid. I couldn’t imagine how one could make swans into something chic. But Jamie did – and it’s fabulous! It’s not at all cheesy, like the swans of my youth, but is instead art deco – and like nothing I’ve ever seen. Nothing cheesy about it!

I remember looking and looking for the perfect wedding invitations for our wedding 8 years ago. I settled on something that I was reasonably happy with (had swans on it, now that I think back). But I wonder what I might have ended up with had I described my ideas to a graphic artist.

I have so enjoyed working with Jamie so far, and I’m sure you will, too. Take a look at her fabulous website – including the pet stationary. And enjoy the photos of her work shown below.

Can’t wait until the big day, Jamie!

Stationary copyright Jamie Lynn Designs. Photos copyright Warmowski Photography. Save-the-date cards, rehearsal dinner invitations and 3 variations of thank-you cards for the bridesmaids.