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I overhead an idea this past weekend at a wedding we photographed. One of the bridesmaids said she’d gotten a wedding invitation that invited the guests to include 3 songs suggestions on the RSVP card. The bride and groom then passed the requests onto the DJ before the day of the wedding.

I’m not sure how DJs feel about this idea, but I figure if you play what guests want to hear everyone will be happy! (most of the time) I also like the idea of giving guests a day or two to think of songs that are special to them and the wedding couple before they send the RSVP, and the DJ can have some time before the wedding to gather the songs.

I’ll have to ask some DJs this wedding season if they have seen this and what they think.

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  1. It sounds like a great idea but there’s too much room for human error.

    Most of the time, the guests will put down songs that they hear on the radio or that they work out with. Then at the reception, those songs bomb because it just doesn’t fit with what the guests are going to party with.

    One time, I was given a song that’s only available on vinyl from the early 60’s and the chances of that song sounding decent is slim. Plus, I don’t have the capability to transfer over to digital.

    If the bride and groom or their parents find out about special songs from the older crowd or mention it in passing to their friends about newer hits, there’s a much better chance of pre-selecting the right songs.

    Often, the songs the guests request the night of the reception work very well.

    This RSVP card has happened about a dozen times to me and I can’t recall it working well enough to recommend it to anyone.

    I hope it helps!

  2. Dan, Thanks so much for your comment. It’s great to know what works and what doesn’t – and you’ve learned from experience – the best way to learn.
    Thanks again. Have a great summer wedding season!

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