How do you work the radio?

Riding in many a limo with our wedding parties, I can report the biggest difficulty is trying to figure out how to get the radio to work.

You get in the limo, then you see this thing that requires a computer programming degree to get it to play a CD. So you end up listening to a pop station, and that means commercials and usually a dearth of party music.

Here’s a two-prong suggestion for everyone:

1) Make a mix CD – get the music you’d want to party to, and burn a couple copies for the big day (so there’s a better chance it’ll make it into the limo for the ride).

2) Task a groomsman or usher with figuring out the radio and loading the CD. While you’re doing your receiving line, signing your wedding license and all the post-wedding fun, he can prime the limo with music.

This way everyone can relax after the ceremony and you can start your party with your best friends!

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