Cool shirts make for great groomsmen gifts

It’s nice and cool these days, but warmer weather is on its way. I’m very active on wedding days, and while wearing a suit or even a long-sleeve dress-up shirt I can get pretty sweaty. I started wearing one of those athletic t-shirts on wedding days (Dry Fit, Coolmax, Under Armour, Helly Hansen and all the different brands) and it makes an incredible difference. You feel cooler, and it even keeps your dress shirt from getting wet.

Just wanted to pass on this thought, especially if you’re looking for groomsmen gift ideas. If you’re getting married in the summer, buy a bunch of shirts, in a variety of sizes, and let the groomsmen pick one out as their gift. Maybe not as long lasting as a flask, but when they’re dressed to the nines and standing in the sun they’ll probably appreciate it.

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