White Hall Wedding – Aleisha & Jimmy

Congratulations to Aleisha & Jimmy! They had an absolutely incredible wedding Saturday, May 29, 2010. The wedding ceremony was at St. John’s Catholic Church in Carrollton, Illinois. The reception was at Green Gables Inn in White Hall, Illinois.

There were so many neat things about this wedding! Here are a few of my favorites:

Aleisha said she wanted her look to be timeless. She decided on a birdcage veil with an additional adornment of flowers and feathers, which stayed in while the veil came off for the reception. Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010
Jamie, a bridesmaid, sported these amazing heels! You could see yourself in the soles, they were so shiny! Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010
Aleisha's mom brought Peiko, Aleisha & Jimmy's dog, to the in-between gathering at Aleisha's dad's house. Of course, Aleisha made sure Peiko was appropriately dressed for the occasion. Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010
Aleisha & Jimmy had two cakes, the wedding cake was white cake and the groom's cake was chocolate! Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010
Jimmy proposed to Aleisha in his 67 camaro, so that's what they chose as the groom's cake. Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010

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