Including their furry friend in the wedding day

I already did a post on Meghan & Ryan and their dog, Bailey, in regard to their wedding stationary. I wanted to show you another way they included Bailey in their wedding day.

They used photos of Bailey as table numbers.

And, Rob, the matron-of-honor’s husband, took the same photo of them that we did (with Bailey outside of their home) but he took the digital file immediately to a nearby drugstore and had copies printed for their parents, which were put in frames on the head table – where the bride and groom and their parents sat. It was a fun surprise for their parents when they sat down to eat!

Bailey is four years old and she became a member of Meghan & Ryan’s family when they got her from another family that could no longer keep her. She is a sweet, well-mannered pup with obviously adoring ‘parents.’

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St. Ita Catholic Church, Chicago/The Park Grill, Millennium Park, Chicago, were Meghan & Ryan’s wedding venues.

Life imitating art

I met Bailey at our first meeting with Meghan and Ryan. I could tell she was a very important part of their lives.

When I saw this little doodle was on Meghan & Ryan's church program, I knew we had to do a photo just like it!



Meghan & Ryan and their sweet dog, Bailey, outside their Chicago apartment following their wedding ceremony.

Congrats to Meghan & Ryan on their awesome wedding day Saturday, April 21, 2012. We were honored to have been chosen to document their day.

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St. Ita Catholic Church, Chicago/The Park Grill, Millennium Park, Chicago

Katie & Aaron’s engagement session

Katie & Aaron are getting married later this month in Springfield. We had a blast Thursday photographing them with Katie’s horses.

We were petting Stanley when Katie told me, “He likes you to pull on his tongue.” WHAT!?! Here are a couple of photos. Hilarious!

The other funny moment was when Katie was on Reggie with Aaron standing nearby. We were photographing and I said to Katie, “Give him a kiss.” As I was getting ready to jokingly say, “Aaron, not Reggie,” Katie was leaning forward to give Reggie the horse a kiss on the neck. We all laughed – but Aaron laughed hardest of all. Good thing for Katie!

Here are a couple of our favorites from the session. Looking forward to the wedding!

And a couple more of the horses.

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Murphy – more than just a dog

Anne and Loren were married at Prairie Productions in Chicago on Saturday, April 23, 2011.

Murphy is Anne (and now Loren’s) dog. To say that he is an important part of their lives is probably an understatement. For him to be part of the wedding ceremony was a given.

Here is Murphy on his humans’ big day –

Murphy, waiting outside Anne’s bedroom door, wanted to be the first one to see her in her wedding dress.

Prairie Productions, the site of the wedding, is animal friendly and Murphy was welcomed with open arms.

The flower girl and ring bearer.

Murphy ready for his role as ring bearer – actually bearing the rings.

Murphy laid quietly during the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Murphy hung out on the patio.

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Anne & Loren – Wedding highlights

Anne & Loren were married Saturday 23 April 2011 at Prairie Productions in Chicago. It has been raining a lot here in the Midwest, so I was preparing myself all week for that possibility. No rain appeared! The day was absolutely beautiful in every way.

Here are some of our favorite details from their day.

Anne & Loren decided to see each other before the ceremony. They did so at a park right near their home.

Anne’s dog, Murphy was an important part of the day (click here for a post on Murphy)

Anne had help making all of the napkins (and decorating the favor boxes).

Loren’s mom, Sharon, and Anne take a peek at people arriving for the wedding.

Loren’s father, Rudy is an organist and musician. He brought a small pipe organ to Prairie Productions and played for the couple’s ceremony.

Anne didn’t choose dresses for her bridesmaids. She simply asked them to wear blue or green. They choose dresses that fit their styles and body types as well as budgets.

They had amazing desserts from Sweet Mandy B’s including macaroons and cupcakes.

The cake Anne & Loren cut was from a bakery & coffee shop they visited the morning of their wedding.

The couple decided on using iTunes for their music. They plugged into Prairie Production’s sound system and danced all night.

There is a great view of the skyline right outside Prairie Productions and we took advantage of it near the end of the night.

Congratulations to Anne & Loren and a beautiful wedding day! Wishing you a long and happy marriage!

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White Hall Wedding – Aleisha & Jimmy

Congratulations to Aleisha & Jimmy! They had an absolutely incredible wedding Saturday, May 29, 2010. The wedding ceremony was at St. John’s Catholic Church in Carrollton, Illinois. The reception was at Green Gables Inn in White Hall, Illinois.

There were so many neat things about this wedding! Here are a few of my favorites:

Aleisha said she wanted her look to be timeless. She decided on a birdcage veil with an additional adornment of flowers and feathers, which stayed in while the veil came off for the reception. Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010
Jamie, a bridesmaid, sported these amazing heels! You could see yourself in the soles, they were so shiny! Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010
Aleisha's mom brought Peiko, Aleisha & Jimmy's dog, to the in-between gathering at Aleisha's dad's house. Of course, Aleisha made sure Peiko was appropriately dressed for the occasion. Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010
Aleisha & Jimmy had two cakes, the wedding cake was white cake and the groom's cake was chocolate! Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010
Jimmy proposed to Aleisha in his 67 camaro, so that's what they chose as the groom's cake. Copyright Warmowski Photography 2010

Jamie and John engaged

We had some fun with Jamie Johnson and John Jeffers last weekend taking engagement photos. The couple came to Jacksonville for an afternoon of running around town and making pictures. Check out the gallery or click below to watch the slideshow.

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Reception gone to the dog

Even though JJ, Julie & Phil’s Old English Bulldogge, couldn’t be part of the wedding day, in a sense he was part of the reception.

Each table at the reception hall, Hamilton’s 11o North East in Jacksonville, was adorned with a photo of JJ announcing the table number. The photo was cool, one I wish I would have taken.

Photos from the wedding are almost done! They’ll be linked from our web site on Thursday.

Julie & Phil used used a photo of their dog JJ to tell guests table numbers.
Julie & Phil used used a photo of their dog JJ to tell guests table numbers.