Ribbons idea from Ashley’s Petals & Angels

White & orange ribbons along aisle runner in church for wedding, image by Warmowski Photography
Ribbons decorate the center aisle at a wedding at First Christian Church in South Jacksonville. by Warmowski Photography.

Saw a great idea by fantastic floristĀ Ashley’s Petals & Angels. Some churches don’t allow flowers to be strewn along the center aisle, a restriction to keep petals from being smashed into the carpet.

Lori Wankel, Ashley’s owner, cut up ribbons and lined the center aisle. It’s a great way to add color when a church won’t allow flower petals. And, you can exactly match your wedding colors.

Photo above from the wedding of Savanna Engelmann & Charlie Cole, at First Christian Church in South Jacksonville. (Note that First Christian doesn’t have a flower petals restriction, Lori was running with her new idea.)

We’ve done many weddings with Ashley’s Petals & Angels, and they always have great stuff! Check them out on Facebook.

Wedding license and ribbons on altar, image by Warmowski Photography
Ribbons from Savanna & Charlie's wedding also used on the altar.

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