Cool bubble picture

Bubbles catch the light after wedding, photo by Warmowski Photography
Bubbles catch the light as family and guests watch Liz Overstreet & Kris Montgomery get into their limo last month in Springfield.

This is just a cool image I wanted to put on the blog!

Guests kept blowing bubbles as┬áLiz Overstreet & Kris Montgomery climbed into their limousine after their ceremony at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Springfield in September. I didn’t notice it at the time as I turned around photo photograph the guests, but the bubbles were dispersing the sunlight. The ones closest to the camera and out of focus were transformed into a spot of rainbow color.

Posted by Steve (former physics major), wedding images by Warmowski Photography.

Bride & groom showered with bubbles after service, Warmowski Photography.
Liz & Kris' getting away image, guests blow bubbles and ring bells. Photo by Warmowski Photography.

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