We are part of Jacksonville . . . Works: A New Musical

We didn’t realize it, but it turns out we’re exciting enough to be portrayed in a musical.
Writer and director Ken Bradbury (world famous all over Jacksonville) had his class at Lincoln Land Community College interview Jacksonville, Illinois-area business people for Jacksonville . . . Works: A New Musical.
“Sixty Jacksonville residents were interviewed over the course of three months,” said Ken. “Ninety hours of interview edited down to a two-act show with original music. Everyone from the mayor to some of Jacksonville’s homeless population…from pastors to poll dancers…from fast food employees to bank CEO’s….undertakers, nurses, editors, photographers, pet shop owners, teachers, sculptors, college presidents, congressmen and inmates in the state prison system.”
The students who interviewed us, Annie Schone and Wes Burton, said we were one of their most “vivid” interviews.
  • “This past week’s interview has definitely been the most effective for me. Wes and I “interviewed” Steve and Tiffany, a couple who owns their own photography business . . . but it really wasn’t like an interview at all. It just felt like we were all sitting down and talking rather than conducting a formal interview. They were so entertaining and easy to talk to. I found it really interesting to hear about their experiences in starting their own business and what it’s like to work as a husband and wife team.” — Annie
  • “Our interview with the Warmowskis was really fun. We had no trouble at all getting them to talk and I never thought being a wedding photographer would be so cool. Their pictures were awesome and so was their story.” — Wes
The play is presented by the Lincoln Land Theatre, and a good-will offering will benefit the Salvation Army and the Western Illinois Youth Camp. Performances are 7 pm Friday March 18 at Grace United Methodist Church; 7 pm Saturday March 19 at First Presbyterian Church; and 2 pm at Faith Lutheran Church.

Oh, and one more plug for Ken Ken Bradbury and his humble writing partner Roger Wainwright: A brand-new show heading your way, Springfield Theatre Centre presents the world premiere of a new musical, From Behind the Curtain February 11-13 & 18-20. Tickets 217.523.2787

Posted by Steve. Always willing to help out Ken Bradbury, especially because he’s such a fan of Warmowski Photography. Wedding photography offered everywhere Ken does plays, and beyond.

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