Great wedding in Carrollton

Saturday, June 5 was the wedding of Hannah (Cunningham) and Joe Reed. Congrats on a fantastic day! Here are a FEW of the highlights (and there were MANY!)

I had to take a double-take when I waled by the gift table at Hannah & Joe's wedding. There were a dozen white roses WITH THEIR NAMES AND WEDDING DATE ON THEM!! I had never seen anything like this before. Apparently they know someone in Nebraska and used the Omaha location of Speaking Roses to get these roses. The Omaha location's web address is Speaking Roses' web address is Photo copyright Warmowski Photography 2010
Although severe weather was predicted for the area Saturday night, luckily it never materialized, outside of a bit of lightning late in the evening. Photo copyright Warmowski Photography 2010
The First Baptist Church in Carrollton was barely big enough to hold all of Hannah & Joe's guests! There are some seats in the front empty, of course, because those coming in later don't want to go up to the front. It was a cozy, but celebratory crowd. Steve took this photo from the elevated baptismal tub. Photo copyright Warmowski Photography 2010
Because their wedding reception was in a tent outside, they decided to use plastic cups for beverages. But instead of using an endless supply of disposable cups, there was a personalized plastic cup at each place setting. The couple put a note on each table encouraging people to use these cups during the evening so there would be less trash at the end of the night. Photo copyright Warmowski Photography 2010

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  1. Thank you for posting a picture of our unique inscribed roses on your blog.

    Your pictures are stunningly beautiful, especially the tent picture with lightning and US Flag!

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